Alena Lynn (carizma) wrote in proud_females,
Alena Lynn

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I love being a girllllll

Well, i'm glad you made an exception for me :)

My name is Alena, i'm 17 (18 in oct) and i live in Flat Rock MI *close to detroit* i moved here from Philadelphia not too long ago, where my family is still around. I am very proud of myself, and my Vagina. I love being a girl, if i wasn't a girl, i couldnt make a beautiful child, if i wasnt a girl i could pee sitting down!! and if i wasnt a girl, i'd never be able to wear a bra!!!

So i think this is a lovely community. I also support women against sexual violence, I was raped when i was younger. Soo i'm looking foward to see other members post!!

This is me.

Not too appealing, but i love being a girl :)))

oncee again! thanks for having me!!
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