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art project [01 Nov 2004|01:25pm]


hello everyone. i am writing to describe an art project i am just starting, and also ask for some help. i have for a long time wanted to begin some sort of rape project that could hopefully touch a broader audience about the subject and also raise awareness. i am a photography major but i work with mixed media, as well.

the basic layout at this stage is to have a polaroid with a small, square piece of text typed out on white paper underneath. the text, for example, would say something like this:

'she was being cared for in a russian orphanage. sometime between the ages of one and three she was sexually abused. consequently, she acts out violently and has uncontrollable rage. she was prescribed zoloft at the age of seven.'

the design of the project will change with time. my initial skteches have been to place the polaroids onto a piece of painted matboard and attach the text directly underneath.

the problem is that i would like for this to become a huge, ongoing project. i am beginning by using people i know who have experienced rape or sexual abuse, but there are many more whom i don't know personally. this is where you can help. would you be willing to share a small portion of your story and a polaroid of yourself? it can be annonymously donated to the project, if that would make anyone more comfortable. but i would like to collect as many of these as humanly possible and, once it is all gathered, create a unique and artistic way to help people in the world WAKE UP about this problem.

if you or anyone you know would be interested, please please please email me at: kristina@revolutionphotos.com

thank you!!

**it doesn't have to be rape. it could be anything that involves feeling afraid sexually, because no matter what it's still damaging. also, please link this to your journal if you think that would help to spread the word. this is for women AND men. also, if their is a need for confidentiality, perhaps participants could design masks or a face covering in some way so a picture could still be included?
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Intro... [19 Aug 2004|01:21pm]

I've been a member of this community for quite a while & haven't really introduced myself, so here goes my attempt to do so. My name's Greta. i_am_ruined Tells ALMOST everything about me. If your still interested about me, AIM me: mysacredheart66 or go to my 'myspace' profile it tells EVERYTHING: http://profiles.myspace.com/users/4334237 Oh and this might or not be related to the community, but this is my 'riot grrrl online' site: http://riotgrrrl.girlsvomitcandy.com/ I have 7 other sites as well & more journals, check out my user info for more info. Anyhow, I'm glad to be a member of this community...this community is awesome!
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How well do you all know this community's maintainer? [21 Jun 2003|10:04pm]

Not well enough...
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any kiwi's? [16 Apr 2003|02:37pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I've just joined this community and so I'm half welcoming myself, half wondering if there are any more New Zealanders in this community.
I hope there are, but anyway
I'm Kat and I'm from Auckland New Zealand

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[10 Apr 2003|06:41pm]

[ mood | awake ]

hey there! i just joined this community and just wanted to say hello :) BUT i also have a question for all you women out there because i'm really not sure about this....

i'm on birth control....and spring break is coming up this weekend. i'm planning on hitting the beach all of spring break, but i'm also supposed to start my mense this weekend. do you know if...i just start the next pill pack that it won't come? or will it come anyways? i hope this is an ok question for this community...if you have any feedback, it would be much appreciated :) hope everyone is having a great week!

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interesting sites? [25 Feb 2003|10:14pm]

[ mood | discontent ]

I was doing a paper for sociology and these are some sites I came across and sued...you might like em..might not....nothing special but i thought they were interesting...

Sex in Role-Playing, http://www.aslan.demon.co.uk/if3.htm

Fans call Foul on Sexism Illustrated, http://www.talkintrash.com/sportsillustrated/

Sexism in Advertising Contest, http://www.umich.edu/~sapac/sexism.htm

also a few sites i found on my own arguing about pornography being degrading and creating violence, as well as promoting rape:





scary? i think so. try searching rape porn...disgusting

thought i would share



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[23 Feb 2003|04:12pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Ok, I joined this community because I'm female and I'm proud of me and it's nice to have a community to be proud in, but I think user pic could be wrong as just because we're female and proud does not mean that we're all gonna be feminist. Or am I in the wrong community after all?

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I love being a girllllll [17 Feb 2003|02:05am]

[ mood | thankful ]

Well, i'm glad you made an exception for me :)

My name is Alena, i'm 17 (18 in oct) and i live in Flat Rock MI *close to detroit* i moved here from Philadelphia not too long ago, where my family is still around. I am very proud of myself, and my Vagina. I love being a girl, if i wasn't a girl, i couldnt make a beautiful child, if i wasnt a girl i could pee sitting down!! and if i wasnt a girl, i'd never be able to wear a bra!!!

So i think this is a lovely community. I also support women against sexual violence, I was raped when i was younger. Soo i'm looking foward to see other members post!!

This is me.

Not too appealing, but i love being a girl :)))

oncee again! thanks for having me!!

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